We are Chris from the humorous land Great Britain and Lisa from, yes, just Germany. And we would like to learn and practise one of the world’s most international languages: English. How? With the help of jokes. Why? Because laughing is healthy! If you hear a joke and laugh, you release lots of hormones. And of course with the help of a smile you connect with other people. You connect with each other! But therefore you have to understand the joke. And that’s sometimes difficult if it’s not your mother tongue. Comedy is the highest level of speaking a language. So here we are: to learn some new English words and maybe to understand the British humour a little bit better.

In our fourth and last English episode we will learn more about popular jokes that take place in bars. Thanks a lot for listening our podcast, all our good and bad jokes, and keep smiling!

Produced by Christopher Hogg and Lisa Kirsten.